2019 Camp Descriptions

Base Camp (2nd - 12th Grade)

Who knew you could fit so much fun and excitement into just one week? Base Camp, Krislund’s flagship camp, is the best way to experience traditional overnight camping. Campers will spend the week with a group of their peers building relationships and learning new things. They will also spend time in the track group of their choice, which allows them to spend time with campers who have similar interests.

NEW! High Adventure Camp (6th-12th Grade)                            

This is a camp designed for campers who love climbing-based adventures. Campers will not only get the chance to do all three levels of our high ropes course and climb on our rock wall, but they will also go rocking climbing and camping off-site where they will learn all about climbing techniques and how to analyze and overcome challenges. If your camper has loved our adventure activities in the past, then they will have a great time learning more about climbing.

Creations in Wood (6th-12th Grade)                                 

In our popular woodworking camp, campers will be introduced to basic carpentry skills that will enable them to make projects for both art and function.  Working with experienced woodworkers, campers will learn how to use a variety of hand tools along with the safe usage of the lathe.  The small class size allows instructors to give individual attention to each student.  This year, Creations in Wood camp will be held in memory of one of Krislund’s most loyal and loving volunteers, Dick Killam, who donated countless hours to our program and has blessed us with new woodworking equipment.

Night Owls (5th-12th Grade)

What better way to celebrate the first weeks of summer than to stay up all night?. Being a night owl gives campers an opportunity to appreciate Krislund’s wonders at night as they gaze at the stars from the top of the high ropes course and fly through the night on our giant swing. Campers will also play games, go swimming, and slip n’ slide all night as the rest of camp sleeps.

C.I.T. Counselors in Training (10th-12th Grade)

This program is for high school students who are interested in becoming a counselor at Krislund. For two weeks, they will learn the leadership skills needed to be a good counselor, facilitate activities, and grow spiritually deeper in their walk with God. CITs will be taught practices that are important in every aspect of life, such as self-reflection, decision making, and prayerfulness.

Foodology (3rd-12th Grade)

Enjoy a week learning how to cook and bake with Krislund’s best. Half of the day will be spent improving your culinary skills while the other half will be spent experiencing all of the excitement that Krislund has to offer. Foodology promotes creativity and problem solving as campers make recipes come to life with their own unique twists.

Survivor (5th-12th Grade)

Survivor camp is perfect for developing outdoor survival skills such as fire building, shelter making, first aid, and local plant and tree identification. At the end of the week, campers will build their own shelter in the wilderness at Krislund and enjoy supper that they prepare themselves over an open fire. Survival camp is a great opportunity no matter what level of outdoor experience your camper has.