Base Camp and Tracks

Base Camp 2nd-12th Grade- Who knew that you could fit so much fun and excitement into one week? Base Camp, Krislund’s flagship camp, is more exciting than ever and the best way to experience the traditional overnight camp atmosphere. The camp gives you a sampling of what Krislund has to offer including what Krislund has been and what the future holds. Campers will have to select what track they want to participate in for base camp. Read the descriptions below about tracks.


Imagination- Imagination track is for campers who love to use, well, their imaginations!! This track is designed for campers to develop their creativity while experiencing the adventure activities at camp. Throughout the summer we will have volunteers that will be able to teach campers knitting, drawing/sketching, and calligraphy. Artsy campers can enjoy the outdoors too!

Adventure- If testing your mind, body, and soul sounds like fun then sign up for the adventure track. Campers in the adventure track will be able to participate in all of the adventure activities Krislund has to offer! This track is specially designed for kids who are “adrenaline junkies.”

Sampler- Do you love arts and crafts and adventure activities? This track is for you!! This track is designed for campers who love to use their imagination and participate in extreme adventure. Dip your toes into both walks of life by participating …you won’t regret it!

Water- This track is designed for campers who love adventure and water activities. Campers will be able to experience high adventure and have time to work on rolling kayaks in the swimming pool. Cool off during the summer by signing up for this track!



5th-12th Grade

Calling all outdoor adventurous campers! This camp is designed for campers who are ready to learn how to build fires, different tents to make, basic first aid skills, and other outdoor living skills. Campers will be pushed and tested to see if they can perform different challenges and survive with the resources given to them. You will learn wilderness and survival skills from an expert who trains military personnel how to survive outdoors. By the end of the week these skills will be tested by spending the night under the stars. Sign up today if you are ready to prove you can make it!

Fishing Camp

3rd-12th Grade

If you are a kid who likes to keep a blade of grass in your mouth and hold the fishing pole between your toes, then come show us your skills at our fishing camp. Campers will work with experienced fisherman, tour state and federal hatcheries, fish at Mt. Luther Lake and participate in a stream study at Penns Creek. Campers will also participate in regular camp activities, but may catch and cook their dinner one night.

C.L.A.W.S. - new!

3rd-12th Grade

Join us or a week where you will have time to engage in Crafts, Legos, and Wild Sports! If you have craft projects, Lego projects, or an idea for a wild sport, bring it along! Express your creativity during this program! There will also be some time to learn the basics of sewing and you'll put together your own sewing project! 


3rd-12th Grade

Chocolate bacon ice cream, pretzels, cookies...Oh my!! Come out to Krislund and enjoy a week of learning how to make different recipes with BJ Brink!! Half your day will be spent improving your culinary skills and the other half will be full of excitement experiencing all the fun Krislund has to offer!

Nomad Camp - NEW!

5th-8th Grade

Krislund partners with local camps, Wesley Forest and Mount Luther, to showcase the best experience each site has to offer.  Dig into all things nature at Wesley Forest, climb the ropes course at Krislund, and paddle around the Mount Luther lake.  Nomad gives you the awesome Krislund experience while exposing you to the joy of true Christian community and fellowship.

Night Owls

5th-12th Grade

 If waking up at 7:30 in the morning does not sound like fun sign up for our Night Owl camp! This program is designed so that campers get to experience all the wonders of Krislund in the DARK! Campers will sleep thru the day and wake up with the owls to play! This program is designed for campers who love to stay up late and play under the stars!

Woodworking Camp

5th-12th Grade

Are you interested in learning the skills involved in woodworking?  If so, we have the perfect camp for you!  This camp is led by our experienced woodworking staff and volunteers, and campers will learn how to safely operate a variety of woodworking tools in our fully-equipped shop.  Using the skills they learn, campers will create pieces they will be able to take home.

Fine Arts Camp

6th-12th Grade

This camp is for the campers who would rather spend their time sewing, knitting, making jewelry, and working on the lathe in the wood shop than participating in adventure activities. Campers who participate in this camp will take home multiple handmade crafts they created by working with skilled instructors. Expressing ourselves through the arts is important and we can't wait to share our love with the campers who come to Krislund.

Bangles, Beads, and Bling

6th-12th Grade

We recognize the need to expose youth to the arts and with this new program campers will have the opportunity to learn basic metal working skills by creating jewelry from new and recycled metal. Taught by a skilled instructor campers will learn basic skills and basic tools that will help them create pieces they will be able to take home.

Clay, Construction, and Coils

4th-12th Grade

This new and art-driven camp will provide campers with effective fundamentals in clay. Campers will work on basic skills such as slab construction, clay impressions, press molds, and coil construction. Campers will have the opportunity to glaze and fire a piece to take home!

C.I.T. and Pioneers

CIT 10th-12th Grade-If being a counselor sounds like a great way to spend the summer then sign up for our CIT program! This program is for high school students who are interested in being a counselor. The first week campers will learn leadership skills and participate in fun camp games! The second week campers will shadow a counselor and have first-hand experience of the amount of work that goes into being a counselor. Please submit a recommendation from someone in your church and a one page response on why you would like to be a part of our CIT program. 

Pioneers 6th-9th Grade-This camp is specifically designed for our middle school campers. This two week program offers campers the opportunity to grow in their faith and to become more like Christ. This camp comes with a weekend excursion! Campers will have leadership training throughout the two weeks and will work with our Day Camp program.  Campers will love the times of worship, Bible study, and cabin time as well as testing their faith by participating in all the fun Krislund has to offer!

Canada Trip

8th-12th Grade

Ay, do you love extreme adventure? Come with us to Canada and experience canoeing, hiking, camping, and whitewater kayaking in this 7 day experience. Campers will learn basic skills at camp and then travel to the beautiful forests of Canada for a 5 day extreme adventure experience. This trip will be led by our Executive Director, Gene Joiner, class IV paddler and extreme adventurer. This camp is designed for campers who love heart pounding, blood rushing experiences! (Campers must have a passport)

Raft, Rock, and Roll

6th-12th Grade

Want to experience white water rafting down the Lehigh River, bike the D&L trail, and rock climbing? This camp is for you!  Campers will experience the ultimate adventure camp that will include a three day, two night camping trip off site. Campers will sleep under the stars, battle the rapids, and become better climbers in one week!  This camp runs Sunday to Sunday.

Scuba Camp

12 years and older

Dive down under with this camp. Campers will work with a certified Scuba instructor to have the opportunity to get the PADI Scuba Certification. Scuba certification teaches you how to dive and pushes you beyond your comfort level.  Campers will work in the Krislund pool and travel to the Susquehanna River for open dives toward certification.