Dining and Banquet Plans

There are many options available to your group for dining at Krislund.  We have a large commercial kitchen and dining hall in the Retreat Center and we are happy to prepare and serve meals for you there.

Groups renting any of our facilities may choose to prepare their own meals in the kitchen of their facility to encourage teamwork or simply provide convenience.  You can also “mix and match” food service — for example, you may wish to prepare breakfast in your rented facility and then have us prepare lunch and dinner for you in the Retreat Center.

Please contact the Krislund Office to discuss options and pricing or your event.  We welcome your call at 814-422-8878 or you can email us at info@krislund.org.

To help you determine which food option best suits the needs of your group, please consider the following:

Consider the goals of your group –  Do you have any programming goals that you would like to achieve during mealtime — e.g. build a team or improve group dynamics?  Is the style of your event formal or informal? Are you hosting a business lunch, a youth group retreat, or a wedding reception?

Consider the “cost” of your time – Carefully weigh the cost of the time it takes you to plan, shop, cook and clean to what you want to accomplish at your event. Is food preparation a part of your programming?  Do you want to allocate time in your schedule to prepare your own meals or would you prefer to have Krislund prepare them for you while your event is going on?

Consider your budget – Perhaps your group wants to provide a few of your own meals combined with our food service plan. Or maybe you want a large breakfast buffet to serve as a brunch, eliminating the need for three full meals.  We would be happy to discuss options that will best suit the needs of your group.