Job opportunities

Kitchen Help

Krislund is looking for kitchen staff for the summer season. You will be responsible for assisting in meal prep, clean up, and various other kitchen duties. Call us at 814-422-8878 or email us at for more information.

Retreat Staff

Krislund is looking for retreat staff for the summer season. You will be responsible for hosting, running adventure, linen service, and food service. Call us at 814-422-8878 or email us at for more information. 

Summer Staff

Thank you for your interest in joining the Camp Krislund staff this summer! Summer camp is a challenging, rewarding, and exciting experience. While this is a job, and you will do normal job-related things like developing schedules, cleaning, and providing customer service, it is also a ministry. As a part of the ministry, at our camps, you will care for children, lead activities, songs, and Bible studies, and interact with a community of people that shares, builds up, and strengthens one another. We are looking for individuals who want to join this ministry, share our vision, and serve others.

This is a paid position. Salary varies by experience and job title.

 If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Assistant Director, Megan Riddick, at the Camp office at 814-422-8878 or by email at: Thank you again for your interest in joining our team!

This summer we are looking for:

  • Counselors- This includes Resident Camp, Day Camp, and Traveling Day Camp
  • Adventure Coordinator
  • Traveling Day Camp Coordinators
  • Day Camp Coordinator
  • Drivers
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Videographer/Photographer
  • Lifeguards

If you are ready to apply, you can do so online by clicking the button below. Job description can be found below.


Job Summary: Working with a group of children for Resident camp, Day camp, or Traveling Day camp through out the week. You are their caretaker for the week. During the week you will work closely with a your group of kids and develop a relationship with them. As a counselor for the campers, you are responsible for investing them on a spiritual level by showing them and teaching them about the love of Jesus. You have the opportunity to make the most impact on your campers. 

  • Responsible to act as mentor to male and female students, engaging in spiritual mentoring and Biblical studies.
  • Lead a daily small group of students reinforcing the daily objectives of our summer program.
  • Works alongside campers aiding in facilitation of summer camp activities to provide leadership, accountability and encouragement.
  • Responsible for the physical and spiritual welfare of campers through discipline and guidance of campers.
  • Responsible to plan, lead, and assist any and all program elements.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by Supervisor.
  • Exhibit a servant attitude toward campers and other staff people.
  • Supervise campers in meals, cabin cleanup, hygiene, and community building.
  • Assist in leading adventure activities including: Initiative Games, Low Ropes, High Ropes, Rock Wall, and Zip Line.

Must be willing and ready to learn, grow, and listen to how things are done according to the Krislund Standard.

Adventure Coordinator

Krislund provides a bridge to a life-transforming encounter with God. Through high adventure and Alpha and Omega programming, our aim is to show each camper how they are special to God and to us. In doing this, we offer a clear presentation of God’s Word embedded in a well-designed program and presented by a spiritually mature staff. A variety of adventure activities have been designed to build confidence, provide leadership skills, problem solving, communication and create lifelong memories for campers of all ages.

Job summary: As adventurer coordinator you will assist in maintaining our adventure courses as well as the equipment through the summer. You take part in training our summer staff in safety and facilitation techniques in accordance with the standards laid out by the executive director and assistant director. Your primary responsibility is safety and facilitation but is not at all limited to these areas. You will be expected to be an integral part of staff and leadership team and will be expected to maintain a servant’s heart mindset.

  • Lead adventure activities including: Initiative Games, Low Ropes, High Ropes, Climbing Tower, Zipline, and Giant Swing
  • Facilitation will include working with Traditional Summer camp, speciality camps, retreat groups, etc
  • Assist directors with all aspects of programming
  • Care for and maintain adventure equipment
  • Complete activity logs and staff development during adventure training
  • Responsible for making sure the Gospel is presented in a holistic way
  • Provide an opportunity for each camper to respond to Christ’s invitation and call for commitment
  • Interpret and enforce safety and health regulations
  • Communicate and enforce all camp rules
  • Abide by all personnel policies
  • Exhibit a servant attitude toward campers and other staff people  
  • Assist with various program activities
  • Be involved with campers in other aspects of the summer camp program, i.e. meal times etc. • Participate in a Discipleship/Accountability Study

Traveling Day Camp Coordinator

Job Summary: As the traveling day camp coordinator, you will be the leader of a small group of staff members for a week at a church. You will be in charge of putting on a day camp experience at various churches. There is a high level of responsibility put on this leader because they must be able to maintain professionalism through any type of circumstances. They will deal with the parents, church volunteers, staff and campers on a daily basis. They have the opportunity to impact the community for Christ anywhere they go. 

  • Maintain professionalism under any circumstances
  • Provide guidance and leadership toward staff and Church volunteers
  • Able to think outside the box for problem solving 
  • Able to interact with adults and children in a loving and welcoming way
  • Plan the schedule for daily activity for all staff members
  • Willing to travel during the summer

Day Camp Coordinator

Job summary: This position is for a leader who will focus on working with elementary age students. This program is our fastest growing program at camp. It requires a great amount of attention to detail, confident communication and the ability to coordinate schedules at a large scale. This individual will be working closely with parents, campers and staff.

  • Coordinate schedules for over 50 children 
  • Create bus riding schedules
  • Provide guidence and spiritual leadership toward the counselors and campers
  • Interact with partents when riding the bus route
  • Create activities to do with campers 
  • Creative thinking 
  • Fast problem solving skills 
  • Ability to oversee finances 
  • Provide the opportunity for kids to encounter Christ
  • Willing to do anything the superiors direct 
  • Facilitate adventure activities 



Master of Ceremony