Laser Tag


This year Krislund will offer laser tag for resident camp, day camp, and traveling day camp. We can even take it to your church or home!  Join the action for only $25/session.  Reservations can be made for your very own laser tag event for birthdays, youth events, team building for businesses or schools, and other group events.  Let us help facilitate a new, thrilling experience for you.


The Phasors: (digitally programmed)

-Range of 600-800 feet in broad daylight
-No projectiles or actual lasers, uses same light as your remote control
-Ability to program and control digitally
-Sci-Fi vs. Military Sound
-Length of game before units automatically shut off
-Hit delay – after being tagged, time before can be tagged again
-Rounds per “clip”
-Cloning taggers – once have settings on one tagger, can tag other units to clone settings

About the Game

-This is a game, not a battle, just like regular tag or water balloon “fights”.
-Explain how taggers work
-Explain objectives of each match

-When your hit points are gone, you are “out” or your “game is over”
-No use of the words “guns”, “dead”, “shoot” or “kill”
-Challenge by choice → not for everyone and that is okay

Possible Scenarios

Teamwork – doing your part (the body of Christ)
Communication – one team can talk, other can’t
     Teaches: How we need people around them on the field translates into surrounding with the right friends at school

Domination- Take control of the box for the longest amount of time

      Teaches: Problem solving and how to work as a team

Trust- Tell teams that there is one traitor on their team that can take them out or secretly tell one person to be a secret traitor.

Mixture-Play teams one game and everyone for themselves another  

Debrief Questions

-Have you participated in laser tag before?  If yes, what were your impressions of the experience (both positive and negative)?   If no, what did you expect of the experience?
-How does laser tag make you feel?
-Did you have fun?  If yes, why; and if no, why not?
-What could have made the experience more meaningful for you?
-What values, do you believe, that laser tag suggests?  (I.e.: winner v. loser, one "survivor," play to win, just have fun, cooperate with your team, etc.)
-Do you believe that these values affirm or go against the kingdom values of Christ? (I.e.: Fruits of the Spirit, cooperation, loving your neighbor, etc.).  Please be specific in your response.

-Did you have a spiritual experience with this activity?  If yes, why?  If no, why not?  
What could have made this experience more spiritual for you?

-What did you get out of this activity?  So what? (Is there a lesson to be learned?) What now? (How do you take it home and apply it to your life, specifically what will you do as a result of what you have learned?)

Pros of Laser Tag

-Social Experience – team, rehashing stories
-Players play constantly
-Fun – great memories
-Great hands-on teaching activity for some pretty big spiritual lessons
-See new kids come to play that would never otherwise consider coming to participate
-Depend on team, lone rangers quickly out of the game
-Lessons in good communication and doing your part
-Unique community building
-Equalizer – athletes no advantage over non-athletes
-Great evangelistic outreach
-Statistically safer than bowling

-Play in a Christian environment vs. many secular fields where no values/foul language/rough behavior
-"Be in the world and not of the world" – use technology in appropriate ways, not in the "ways of the world". 


Base Camp: Base Campers will have the opportunity to play laser tag. Sign up for one, 1.5 hour session or two, 1.5 hour sessions. Each session is an additional $25. Please note that campers may miss regularly scheduled activities in order to play laser tag.

Day Camp/Specialty Camp/Traveling Day Camp: Campers will have the opportunity to sign up for one, 1.5 hour session of laser tag. Please note that campers may miss regularly scheduled activities in order to play laser tag.

Group Events/Birthday Parties/Youth Groups: $25/person for a 1.5 hour session. Contact us for special rates if your group is 50 or more.

**this is an optional activity; campers are not required to play laser tag.