Resurrection lodge 

Resurrection Loge is such a special monument to Krislund! It was hand built by our weekly volunteers that put in hundreds of hours throughout the year to make Krislund as great as it is! Don't let the fact it was built by volunteers fool you, it is a beautiful lodge! The lodge is complete with a fully furnished kitchen, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The lodge also includes 3 bunk-rooms with great bathrooms and showers in each bunk-room. This lodge can comfortably sleep 30 guests for your special day! Not only is the lodge perfect for hosting a wedding party, it could be just the place for your Reception! With hard wood flooring, and a huge deck in the back, it's a perfect place for a good time! In the woods directly behind the lodge is a trail that will take you to our outside Vesper Dell. Also, beside the lodge is a wide open field that is lush and green! Keep that in mind when determining where to have your wedding ceremony! 


Price: $1,200 per night


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Resurrection Field

Directly beside Resurrection Lodge, is a beautiful open field that would be a perfect option for an outside wedding! The field can comfortably fit up to 250 guests. You do not have to rent Resurrection Lodge to be able to use the field, they are two separate prices. If you choose the field as the option for you, you will need to provide your own seating arrangements for your guests. 


Price: $500