Laser tag

Krislund has developed a Laser Tag arena filled with lights, fog, and ever-changing courses – the largest Laser Tag arena in Centre County!  Through the Laser Tag experience, campers will develop the skills of teamwork, communication, and cooperation.  Campers will come together as individuals and leave as teams.  The cost is $25 for one 1.5 hour session or $50 for two 1.5 hour sessions.

Swimming Lessons

For kids interested in learning to swim or improving their swimming skills, we provide an opportunity to work with a certified instructor in our beautiful saltwater pool.  For $25, campers will receive three instructional lessons during the week.


In this paddlesport, kayaking meets swimming and surfing, combining the best of each sport into one exciting adventure!  Bellyak boards are designed to be ridden in a prone position without straps or a sprayskirt.  Bellyak is to kayaking what snowboarding is to skiing…a new way to explore the same terrain.  Campers will learn the skill in the swimming pool and then practice their skills with an off-site trip to Spring Creek.  The cost for this activity is $25.


(July 22-28 for campers grades K-3) This program uses familiar LEGO pieces but adds motors, gears, sensors, and the stuff that makes things happen.  For example, we will build a Chomping Alligator with a motion sensor in its mouth.  The kids will then learn how to use the sensor to create a computer program to make the alligator chomp every time something is thrown in its mouth.  Kids work in teams of two for the program.  Cost is $50.


(July 22-28 for campers grades 4-8) This program is more advanced than WeDo in that there is less reliance on instructions and more emphasis on working as a team to figure it out.  For example, we build a karate bot in which the kids have to figure out how to build the chopping arm to include how long to make it, what the hand should look like, and so on.  This program also teaches some basic skills in computer programming.  Cost is $50.

Thursday Overnight

This option is available for Day Campers who would like to experience an overnight at Krislund.  Campers will get to participate in the Great Feast and evening fun and games.  The cost of $25 includes Thursday dinner and Friday breakfast.

specialty camp options

Depending on the week selected and the age of the camper, campers may also register for some of our Specialty Camps.  These include Fishing Camp, Creations in Wood, Fine Arts, Bangles Beads & Bling, Clay Creations, and Foodology.